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PostSubject: ProtectMe      ProtectMe EmptyMon May 23, 2011 12:00 pm

Go to psp game the copy and paste the protectme into the game file

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

--------Final version revison 0.92--------
-------------By MaxTheBest----------------
Your questions on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
or [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

-Unzip the archive at MS root
-Edit the vsh.txt file and add ms0:/seplugins/protectme.prx
-Set the password you'd like using the eboot installer (don't do it if you don't want to set a passwrod.
it'll still save the history of power on...
-Activate the plugin through recovery menu.

Final Version revision 0.92 31/05/08
-Now when the alarm is played, the PSP volume is automatically set to Maximum volume (noisy little trick ^^)
-An option menu has been added (working with a file which is ms0:/seplugins/config.mtb)
-In the option menu you can set to play the alarm sound after 3 wrong passwords or not.
-The Credits have been updated
-The Credit, The option, and the set password menues have been modified so you can
more easily exit (exit jey used to be different in each menu, now it's the same.)
-Now, when you set the password, a confirmation message is displayed, telling you
what password you are trying to set, and asking you if you still want to set it or not.
-Colors have been changed in some menues (Nor more red, it was too much 'agressive' wasn't it?)
-Menus have been optimised
-Now splash screen is only displayed at first use, and then it isn't (so you can access menu faster...)
-The On Screen Keyboard has been modified, it used to be kind of complicated (when you pressed up or down,
you never happened to go to the letter you wanted to go to... now you should!)
-Many minor bugs have been corrected ...

Final Version revision 0.91 29/05/08
-Now when the intruder inputs 3 wrong password, an alarm will be played to alert you about the thief.
-Some bugs corrected.

Final Version revision 0.9g 07/05/08
-Added a credit screen
-Now, if someone takes your PSP "illegaly", inputs a wrong password, even if he hard reboots the PSP,
a message will be written saying "this psp received a bad password input on XXX" and
the date, so you have to put the good password to disable this password, otherwise,
it will appear at each boot, making it impossible to boot on the XMB!

Final Version revision 0.9f 01/05/08
-Recoded a good part of the code which was messy and had useless parts.
-Added numbers to the characteres you can input through the keyboard
-changed the keyboard, now selected letter is not the capital letter, but the blue letter
-now you can't see your password while writing it, but only the letter selected (other letters are "*")
-corrected few bugs and mistakes.

Final Version revision 0.9e
-Rearanged the installer, so that they are no black screen.
-Changed the introduction screen (the other one was too long and boring...)
-Changed the screen that appears after 3 wrong passwords, now it displays the hour of the 'intrusion' and a more 'realistic' error message.

Final Version revision 0.9d
-The interface is now the same in the prx as in the pbp installer (nicer one)
-After 3 tries with wrong passwords, the psp displays an error message and you can only shut it down with a hard reboot.

Final Version revision 0.9c
In the Installer:
-Changed the interface totally, now you have a nice one.
-Recoded most of the eboot.
-New options:
-You can now exit via the menu
-You can now uninstall the prx, and password and history file
-You can now delete the password without deleting the prx (to keep history function)
-You can reset the history (clear the file)
-Now the installer checks wether vsh.txt exist or nopt, if it does not exist:
- it creates it
- It adds 'ms0:/...blah blah blah" so that you don't have to do it yourself)
-The prx checks wether the good line is writen in vsh.txt, if it does not, then it adds it.
So now the installation is easier, you just put the eboot in your psp and launch it, and then activate the prx, nothing else!
-Changed '********' to 'aaaaaaaa' because it caused some little problems.
In the prx:
-Changed '********' to 'aaaaaaaa' because it caused some little problems.

Final Version revision 0.9b
-Changed (not really impôrtant, but I got bored of the old ones...) ICON0 and PIC1 (still Fraise's creations)
-Now there is only 1 file, the installer, the prx is not in the package anymore as it is
autogenerated by the installer(noobz might be delighted as they don't have to copy it to
the right place (hard job isn'it?, no just kiding)). But you still have to add the good line into vsh.txt...
-Two more options in the installer:
- now you CAN exit without, making any changes (in case you just wanted to see the wonderfull menu, who knows?)
- you can delete the plugin (which will diseable it) from the menu.
-Not much important, but I added few colors to the menu...

Final Version revision 0.9
-Added FRAISE icon0 and pic1!
-Added on screen keyboard to the installer
-Now the installer CREATES the PSP and SYSTEM directories if
they don't exist (it used to crash if they did not exist).
-Now the prx displays a message when you log with correct password,
and displays another one if you entered a false password.
-Corrected some little bugs...
-Now you can go directly from A to Z
-At the beginning the password is "********" instead of 'aaaaaaaa'.
(but this doesn't change anything...)

Final Version revision 0.1b
-corrected the bug that appeared when PSP/SYSTEM did not exist

Final Version revision 0.1
-now you enter the passsword with a keyboard.
-You can't see the xmb behind the password.
-homebrew recoded (not entirely but nearly...)
-The number of tries is not limited anymore (you don"t have to reboot if you
input a wrong pass.
-Added j3r3mie'icon

-Now you begin with 'aaaaaaaa' letters instead of 'password'
-Added an icon to the eboot.

-PSP slim now supported on any firmware.
-New functionality: a historic file that registers each time you switched your psp on, and if you input the good password or not,
with the hour and day.(registered under PSP/SYSTEM/hist.txt)
-If there is no password installed, it'll still work (and not freeze) and register evrything in the history file.
-You can now go from 'a' to 'z' directly
-You must now press square to go to XMB, this avoids the unitentionall launch of UMD.

-Corrected a minor bug (about the display)
-Changed the passord file name to a less suspect one and now the password is encrypted.
-Now the prx checks wether there is a password installed or not.

-I slowed the letters speed down (you couldn't input the letter you wanted as it was way too fast before.)

-Added an eboot installer that sets the password you want.
-Corrected a display bug.

-Initial release.
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